Dean&ER_TabletopDay2014_editedThe co-creators met when Dean Donofrio cast ErinRose Widner in his yearly set of plays that he writes and directs in Los Angeles. She was inspired by his writing, and he was impressed with her knack for producing, so they decided to merge their experience in television and film and create their next project together. While brainstorming ideas, ErinRose happened to visit Dean’s long-running boardgame night, and a light bulb went off. Here was a group of unlikely friends bonded by their passion for hardcore strategy games, and she was getting a peek into their unique world. She convinced Dean that this was the perfect setting for a comedy about “finding your tribe”. Excited by this concept, it wasn’t long before they had developed enough ideas to fill three seasons! Once Meeple People was finished, Dean and ErinRose wrote and shot another pilot called Season and Renee which is currently being shopped around.